StoryBrand BrandScript Example


I released half a year ago and during this time only 10% of visitors registered in the app. Therefore I decided to start research on what I can do to increase the percentage of registered users.

A Character

In the first part we define our customers and what do they want as it relates to our product or service.

Has a Problem

In the second part, we are searching for a root cause of your customers’ problems and personify this root cause as a villain. Also, we answer what are the internal, external and philosophical questions our customer deals with as it relates to our product or service.

And Meets a Guide

In the third part, we show empathy by giving a brief sentence that expresses empathy and understanding and authority by demonstrating competency in solving customer problems.

Who Gives Them a Plan

In the fourth part, we list steps our customers can take that would lead them to a sale or explain how they would use your product after the sale. Also, we list agreements we can make with our customers to alleviate their fears of doing business with us.

  • Start doing the work with the timer.
  • Analyze statistics and find the way to better use your time.

And Calls Them to Action

In the fifth part, we decide what is our direct call to action will be and what transitional calls to action will we use to on-ramp customers.

That Helps Them Avoid Failure

In the sixth part, we list the negative consequences our customers will experience if they don’t use our product or service.

And Ends in a Success

In the last part of the framework, we list the positive changes our customer will experience if they use our product or service.

  • Reduce stress and live a happy life.

People Want Your Brand to Participate in Their Transformation

In the last part of the BrandScript, we write about how was our customers feeling about themselves before they used your product or service. And write about who will our customer become after they use our product or service.

  • From person crying about having not enough time to the person that always finds time to what he wants to do.

Final BrandScript


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