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JS developer in a few minutes.

JavaScript it is easy and pleasant language. In this article, I will show how to write modern JS. If you have some programming experience and want to start coding JS right now this article is for you:) I will not try to show whole JS in this tutorial, but only main concepts and patterns.


Declaring variables




JS has a class keyword. Better ignore his existence. You will see later how to live in JS without classes.


JS has only one thread to run your program. And one of the coolest parts of the language is how it solves parallel tasks. While waiting for the response from the server, or user i/o, JS try to complete other possible work. When the response comes, the thread already knows it and will jump to process it after completing the current task.


Factories over classes.

Interfaces for functions

No loops

Objects merging

Pure functions

Functional programming staff

JS, it is a very good place for functional programming, since it has all the main properties of functional language. Yes, there is no immutability in JS, but you can easily make it immutable.

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