Listening one song for better productivity.

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Maybe you start to mention that music starts taking too much in your life — you listening when you in transport, when you take food, and most often at work. Try to turn on music and do nothing, the first few songs will give you pleasure, after the fourth song it will disappear, and after the sixth, you will be tired. For most people music is just a habit — not a source of pleasure anymore.

As a programmer, I often find myself listening to music during coding. And it is not the best combination most of the time. Because the human brain has only one process and when you listen to music you constantly switching between programming and listening. But context switching has cost.

The main trigger to take headphones is thinking that the task you will start doing is easy. And after a few minutes of listening to music, you start to mention that you struggle to find the solution.

The easiest way is to replace your playlist and albums with just one song, which will play again and again. Something like this:

Daft Punk — Get Lucky

Dire Straits — Six Blade Knife

Prince — Little Red Corvette

It will not disturb you too much and will help keep the rhythm. Also, a good replacement will be white noise.

As soon as you stop listening to music at work you start to mention, that your product becomes better, you not so tired and when you turn on the music you really enjoy it:)

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