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Pomodoro by Increaser

This app is for people who are doing deep work most of the time and want to reduce distractions and context switching between tasks that negatively affects their results. These peoples may be students, programmers, engineers, mathematicians, researches, writers, and so on. If this looks like what you are doing — let’s continue.

There are quite a few things that can harm our focused state. They can take the form of procrastination, social media, coworkers, or background thinking about life problems. If we think for a second, we can see that all of them we can call a context switching or simply — distractions. Every time we turn our attention to checking social media, slack or emails we are losing focus, and by doing this, we are wasting our time and mental energy, to come back to a productive state. When our day is full of distractions, at the end of the day, we felt tired, overwhelmed, and like we haven’t done our best, but we want to make a good amount of quality work done faster and feel good. Are we on the same page?

We want to master our time and reach our goals. At the micro-level it means we need to operate more efficiently so that we can have time to work on our goals and enjoy ourselves. And here comes “Pomodoro by Increaser” that aims to help you be more productive.

From the name of the app, we can suggest that there is an involved Pomodoro technique. When we are ready to work, we select a duration of the set and push the rocket button. Then we focus on work and don’t allow distractions to take from us. When the timer stopped, we can take a rest and then repeat the same steps.

In the statistics page, you can analyze how much time you give to each of your life projects, let it be learning, job, planning, or side hustle. With a clear vision of how your time is invested, you can take action and change the way you distribute time among different activities. You can find more about the mindset here.

The main purpose of this app is to help you avoid failure of not finding time to work on your goals and ideas. The main vision behind “Pomodoro by Increaser” is that you are in control of your life and you can master the time and live with less level of fatigue, overwhelming, or anxiety.

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