Pomodoro by Increaser News #12

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Pomodoro by Increaser

In this story, I want to tell you about new changes that were made in the Pomodoro by Increaser, what is the current state of the app, and what I am going to do the next week.

This Week

Flags In Scoreboard

The whole week I was thinking about what direction should app take, but haven’t come to any conclusion. At the last day of the week, I grabbed the smallest feature in the list and implemented it.

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scoreboard with flags

This page is not shown right now because there are no solid performers in the top ten, but when they appear — scoreboard will be back in the app.

Longer Free Membership

One week of free membership is not enough to see the value app provides, so I made a free trial longer.

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two weeks of free membership

New YouTube Channel

I decided to start moving my courses from Udemy and Skillshare to new YouTube channel. It can potentially lead people to Pomodoro by Increaser. I will upload videos weekly, and since I have five courses available I have some free time before I’ll start shooting new videos. Will see what it will lead to.

Current State

This week have sent two more emails to disappear users. Now there is a total of 14 emails sent, but none of them lead to the reply.

The number of sessions has dropped in comparison to the previous week, but bounce rate has significantly improved, and I don’t know what caused it.

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The third week in the row, no new members have joined the app. It’s quite depressing.

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+98 registrations

Next Week

In the next week, I will work on adding information about the average set duration to the statistics page.

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feature from the list

That all, if you enjoy the app — please support it. You can always reach me by email(geekrodion@gmail.com) if you have any questions or ideas. Take care.

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Software engineer, creator of increaser.org. More at geekrodion.com

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