Pomodoro by Increaser News #14

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Pomodoro by Increaser

In this story, I want to tell you about new changes that were made in the Pomodoro by Increaser, what is the current state of the app, and what I am going to do the next month.

This Month

A month ago, I decided to move from weekly news to one update every four weeks because there wasn’t that much to talk about after one week of work. Around the same time, I had long-term planning and found out that from March until July 2020, there is a high probability that I won’t be able to do much work on the project. Also in March, it will be two years, since I’ve started working on Increaser.

In March 2020 will be clear should I continue with the project or move to something else. This decision will depend on one thing — the number of members. If there will be one hundred members, it means that the app can be self-sustainable. It will be enough to pay for servers and google ads.

Maybe adding ads is a good option, but for me, it means — that I’ve done the product that people don’t value enough to pay three bucks. It means I haven’t produced anything real.

So these days I pay attention to small details, analyze stuff, think and at the end of the week, write down what tasks I should make the next week.

This month I worked on improving UX/UI of the app, for example, an update of sound toggles on the timer page, adding pulsing “Pomodoro by Increaser” text on the center of the screen while the app is loading. Also, there is a notification popping up now if you are offline or if your browser notification turned off. Now the color palette is saved on the backend.

Besides this, there were a bunch of bug fixes and small UI tweaks. Also, there was some server-side work. For example, when a user receives a newsletter and marks it as spam, appropriate service will be called, and this user won’t receive any future email.

Current State

There was an increase in users and sessions in comparison to the previous month, but the biggest reason behind this is an article in Spanish, that lead almost three hundred visitors.

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Few people left, and few joined the membership, so the number of members almost the same — 5. Is it possible to find 95 more members in the next four months?

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+364 registrations

Next Month

Next month will be all about making the app more robust and better looking.

That all, if you enjoy the app — please support it. You can always reach me by email(geekrodion@gmail.com) if you have any questions or ideas. Take care.

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Software engineer, creator of increaser.org. More at geekrodion.com

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