Pomodoro by Increaser News #9

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Pomodoro by Increaser

In this story, I want to tell you about new changes that were made in the Pomodoro by Increaser, what is the current state of the app, and what I am going to do the next week.

This Week

Weekly Statistics

In the previous update was planned the implementation of service that will send emails to disappeared users. To do this needed information about how many Pomodoro hours user does each week, so I added some code to the weekly worker that also generates scoreboard and cleans old sets.

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weekly statistics

Then I went off the plan and started doing weekly statistics that contains information of what was an average amount of work for each of the previous weeks. The only problem is that the new week will be shown only close to Tuesday since the worker starts when the week was ended in all timezones.

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most voted feature request

API Refactoring

In the previous week, I decided to fix as many bugs as possible, but a lot of them were hard to fix because there was little information about why they appear in the first place. That lead me to the discovery of poor error handling on the back-end. So I invested some time in rearranging API and adding a few additional tests.

Google Analytics

To better understand where new members come from will be sent a request to google analytics every time the purchase of membership happened.

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no money yet :(

Current State

The number of members went up from four to five. Fewer members came this week in comparison to the previous one. This week app had to move users, and more sessions, but a lower bounce rate. 67 new users registered this week

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google analytics
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registered users

Next Week

I want to make a generation of weekly statistics when the user goes to the statistics page, to not make him wait until Tuesday to see the average for the previous week. After that, I would like to start making authorization with LinkedIn and Twitter. If time is left, I start a service that will send emails to disappeared users.

  1. New weekly statistics on Monday.
  2. Send emails to peoples that stopped using the app, to ask about what do they think is missing in the app or causes frustration.

3. Add button for sign in with LinkedIn and Twitter.

That all, if you enjoy the app — please support it. You can always reach me by email(geekrodion@gmail.com) if you have any questions or ideas. Take care.

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Software engineer, creator of increaser.org. More at geekrodion.com

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